Sebastian Bach Judges America’s Hottest Rocker Mom Contest

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Sebastian Bach and Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages) will be among the celebrity judges for the Independent Film Channel’s America’s Hottest Rocker Mom Contest, to be held in Madison Square Park on June 3 at Noon.

The event is being presented in celebration of the second season of IFC’s comedy Z Rock. Judges will also include Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York City) and Z Rock cast members Paulie, David and Joey.

The event will feature finalists Natalie Hawkins (Conroe, TX), Shawna Owens (Cadillac, MI), Debra Diamant (Los Angeles, CA), Kat Everson (Beverly Hills, CA), and Valerie Nerres (Las Vegas, NV) competing in the following categories: Attire: Best Rocker Outfit; Knowledge: Rocker Trivia; Dance: Show Off Your Best Moves; and Lyrics: Rock Karaoke Contest.