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J-14 IS SO HOT! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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The ever so wonderful J-14 magazine just hooked us up! No only did they tweet us out to their 37,000 followers for music mondayssss! They also made us the “Hot Band Alert” on their official website

We are forever in their debt. For real. Now make sure you head over to and read what they had to say about The Sunstreak! Click here for the Hot Band Alert. Don’t forget to also follow J-14 on Twitter!!


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We want to take the time to thank everyone at Channel One for featuring us on their music page. We have been getting so many comments saying “I heard you on Channel One”, whole thing is pretty overwhelming! Today is the last day of the feature so if you have’t seen it yet head over and check out Channel One’s exclusive!!! interview with The Sunstreak. Thank you to Channel One we LOVE YOU!!!!!!! To all the new fans who discovered us through Channel One WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!!!

Click here to watch an exclusive interview on Channel One with The Sunstreak


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Special thanks to Jeff Spevak and the staff at Rochester’s very own Democrat & Chronicle. This amazing publication has been supporting The Sunstreak for quite some time and we can’t thank them enough. There recent article is no exception and as always we are beyond flattered and humbled by the support from our home town newspaper. If you get the paper or you are out and about and see it make sure you pick up a copy. Newspapers aren’t that expensive and they have so much valuable information in them! Seriously reading is rad. For those of you who prefer to get your information the old fashion way the article is also available online.

Click here to read about The Sunstreak in Roc Now by Democrat & Chronicle


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So to all of you who voted in the MTVu Freshman 5 competition we can’t say thank you enough. We gave them a good run for the money but we ended up loosing the fight to a video that had Rod Stewarts daughter as the lead… seriously how could we compete?

All was note lost though, we must of made an impression some how because we ended up getting on another show! All this week MTVu Dean’s List has been airing the video! Guess what… we were #6 on the countdown too! Not bad for the boys from Rochester huh?

If you get MTVu make sure you check it out. If not call/email your local music video channel and request it today!

You can also always watch the music video for “Until I Met You” online by visiting

Don’t forget, the best way you can help us out is by calling your local radio station and requesting the song. Going into the holidays it is harder and harder for us to get any attention with all the monster albums coming out. With your help, a little elbow grease, and a lot of luck we can make a splash!


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Just wanted to say thank you to KISS FM in Utica, NY for having us today. Not only has this station been playing our new single, they also invited us to the station. We did an interview and played two songs over the air … needless to say… it was incredible!!!! If you live in the area make sure you call KISS FM and let them know that you want to hear MORE of “Until I Met You” by The Sunstreak!!!!!

For more information about KISS FM click here


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We have a great new contest running with the amazing people over at AstroGirl / Quizfest Magazine. 5 lucky winners will get a FREE signed CD of our new album, Once Upon A Lie (in stores now!!!) Entry is real easy so head over and check it out today! While your at it they also have a ton of other cool contests running so spend some time browsing!!!

Click here to enter The Sunstreak signed CD contest
Click here to see what other contests Quizfest is offering!!!


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Okay so today we took a break from the normal High School performances and did something even more amazing!!! We played a pep rally for 2,000 kids at Rock Hill HS in Rock Hill, SC! Wow now that was intimidating. We had a great time and want to thank everyone who bought CD’s. Good news too is…. they WON! Goooooo Bearcats!!!!!! Guess Sunstreak is a good luck charm, high schools take notice.

And just in case anyone was wondering this is what a Bearcat looks like!!!

For more information on Rock Hill High School click here


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Two things to tell everyone about today. Okay so first of all we are running a very special contest with Cosmo Girl! Not only do you get a copy of the record, but you will also win a poster and a brand new T-shirt! Way cool. Plus….. there are a ton of other great contests running right now on that are free to enter. That Madonna shirt and Nintendo DS caught our eye!

Click here to win free Sunstreak stuff from Cosmo Girl

Next on our list is a big THANK YOU to cosmo girl for posting an article about us on their blog The Daily Kiss! Remember that awesome video of the Canton South Band performing “Unitl I Met You?” Well Cosmo Girl thought it was awesome and posted about it!

Click here to read about The Sunstreak and watch the video on Cosmo Girl


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Today we were lucky enough to play not just one school, but two schools back to back! The first performance was at Harlem MS in Harlem, GA and man did there southern hospitality shine through. The faculty of Harlem MS did something so incredibly nice that we don’t know how we are going to thank them. I guess we’ll start with a simple but genuine thank you. So to the staff and students we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donation!

After this amazing experience we headed over to Grovetown High School for another performance. Again we encountered amazing staff and students, with every visit we go to we are more and more humbled by how lucky we are to have this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who picked up CD’s and everyone who came up to us afterward, we really appreciated it and we had a great time.

We topped off the day with a visit to HD98.3 where we played a few more songs and did an interview. One question…. how did we get so lucky? Big thanks to the staff of WHHD. To allt he students if you live in the area don’t forget to call up and request “Until I Met You” by The Sunstreak.

Click here for more information about HD98.3


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It’s Wednesday and we are mid week with plenty to report! We played for some really special kids at Central HS in Harrison, TN near Chattanooga!!! The kids were super nice and we were honored to play for them. Afterward we headed over to WDOD 96.5 The Mountain for a little pizza party action and music. To the staff of the station it was a pleasure meeting everyone, thank you for having us.

For more information on WDOD 96.5 click here

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